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GD-04A Back-up module for GSM communicator David

GD-04A Back-up module for GSM communicator David

  • Brand::Jablotron
  • Product Code: GD-04A
  • Availability: In Stock

The GD-04A back-up module, provides for  GD-04K GSM communicator  the ability to work approx. 12 to 24 hours continually without an external power supply.

The backup module supplies power for the GD-04K communicator and its output relays.

GD-04K GSM control module sends SMS report “POWER FAIL” in case of mains failure or disconnection and “POWER RECOVERY” when the mains is recovered to all service telephone numbers. Both texts are editable.

If the backup battery is discharged the module is shut down (both relays are switched off). When the mains power is recovered the relays’ previous status is restored and the backup battery is charged.

Backup battery is built inside the bigger top cover.

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