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Wired Devices

SD-282ST Combined Smoke and Heat Detector

  The SD-282ST is used to detect fire hazards in the interior of residential or commercial buildings. The detector indicates fire hazards using the built-in LED indicator and alarm output..

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GBS-210 Glass Break Detector "VIVO"

  The GBS-210 glass-break detector detects the breaking of glass windows. A dual technology detection method (air pressure and sound analysis) is used. It responds to the breaking of all glas..

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GS-133 Gas Detector

  The GS-133 detects all mixtures of air and combustible gas (Natural Gas, Methane, Propane, Butane, Acetylene, GPL etc). The detector detects two levels of gas concentration. 12V DC ..

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LD-12 Flood Detector

  The detector is a water flood indicator for boats, rooms (e.g. cellars, bathrooms) or high level water (waste) tank  indicator.  This information is sent to an alarm system for a..

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RB-524-DIN Universal Relay coil 5 to 24VDC

Designed for installation in electrical switchboards on a DIN rail. Switching up to 250V / 16A. Galvanically separated switching contact of an output relay which complies with the requirements of ..

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JS-20 PIR Detector "LARGO"

This P.I.R. motion detector is for interior protection. It detects object movement having a human body temperature. The JS-20 distinguishes itself with excellent RF immunity. This P.I.R. motion d..

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UR-01 Universal programmable switching relay

You must have this relay in your tool bag as it allows you to solve a great number of tasks.Eight selectable modes to solve any switching task User friendlyTimer optionSwitching of 230 V AC/16 AS..

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JA-111I Universal LED indicator RGB 12V

Indicates activations of a section or output activations  by multi-colored LEDs (red, green, blue and yellow). Optical indication of status. The colour of indication can be determined by con..

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