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Car Alarms


Unfortunately no car category is immune to the car theft. Older models through to middle to upper class vehicles get stolen.

Older cars are usually taken apart for spare parts or someone just wants to have a ride. Middle to upper class vehicles usually undergo a change of identity and end up with a new owner either at home or abroad.

Apart from an audible warning signal the car alarm is also equipped with an immobilization circuit which prevents the use of the vehicle.

A GSM alarm is not only about security as it also pleasantly surprises with host of additional features.

The priority of car security is to inform the user as soon as possible of an attempted break-in. It is also important to be able to distinguish what the problem is - whether it is the car door that has been opened, or wind screen or door windows smashed, or whether it is an attempt to tow the car away.

In this situation an SMS will help by exactly describing the cause of the alarm. But apart from providing security the car alarm also serves to protect the car battery against full discharge, unwanted tow away or by warning you if you forgot to lock the vehicle.


Jablotron GSM alarms are accessible from anywhere

The Web Self-Service Application provides very clear information about your vehicle. All that is needed is a computer with internet access, smart phone or tablet. Benefit from high technology options for free only with Jablotron!



EMA 2 Car Alarm

Security has never been easier to install and more enjoyable to use! Installation of the EMA2  alarm is based simply on inserting the alarm into the cigarette lighter socket. With automatic activ..

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Wireless Combination Sensor for Ema2 Alarm

Wireless combination PIR and shock sensor for EMA 2 alarm..

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