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Security Cameras

Order office and home security cameras from a NZ supplier

Pacific GSM supplies workplace and home security cameras to clients in NZ and to those across the world. We only stock products of the highest quality that have been designed to be used for various applications around the home and the office. Our product kits also include accessories, such as pendants or wrist bands that feature a panic button.

An outdoor GSM security camera offers security and peace of mind. It provides you with video footage should anything out of the ordinary occur at your premises, and it can also work as a visible deterrent keeping criminals away from your building.

At Pacific GSM we have a wide range of surveillance cameras, one that is sure to suit your needs and budget too. Our products come with features such as online cloud storage, mobile application and many more great features. The EYE-02 security monitoring camera is equipped with detectors that are designed to react to the sound of glass breaking, or to recognise changes in room pressure that occur when a door or window is being opened.

Our GSM security cameras can communicate via the GSM network with a wide range of devices, including your mobile phone, offering you remote access to your security system at all times.

If you need assistance finding the right product to suit your specific requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us now. Our friendly and knowledgeable team is always happy to assist you in any way they can.

EYE-02 3G version GSM Security Monitoring Camera EYE-02 3G version GSM Security Monitoring Camera
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EYE-02 3G version GSM Security Monitoring Camera

The GSM camera EYE-02 with 3G technology is a smart stand-alone "intelligent" monitoring, security and automation tool communicating via GSM network same as your mobile phone. EYE-02 3G..

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KAC-EYE Outdoor Housing

Outdoor protective housing for the EYE-02 security camera..

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