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Car Product

CU-07A Vehicle GPS Tracking Unit

All hardware in one compact body includes GSM antenna, compatible with  12V or 24V vehicles with easy installation. No contract or extra fee with Jablotron tracker CU-07A  just pay for data ..

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CU-08 GPS Tracking

The CU-08 GPS tracking unit continuously monitor position via GPS and send it via a GSM network to a free data-collection server My Jablotron cloud where you can see position in real time on map ..

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CU-08RF RFID reader for GPS tracking user assignment

The CU-08RF RFID reader is an accessory of the CU-08 GSP tracking, It is used for the RFID identification of drivers and recoreded in to log book in My Jablotron cloud. Is a great solution for..

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EMA 2 Car Alarm

Security has never been easier to install and more enjoyable to use! Installation of the EMA2  alarm is based simply on inserting the alarm into the cigarette lighter socket. With automatic activ..

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