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Installation accessories

JA-190PL Multipurpose installation box

  JA-190PL multipurpse installation box for JA-100 modules...

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JA-190T USB RFID Card and Tags Reader

JA-190T RFID card and key tag reader for PC designed to easily enroll RFID access devices into the JA-100 system remotely by using F-link SW...

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JA-192PL-A Multipurpose outdoor IP-65 installation box

Multipurpose outdoor installation box Ideal tool for outdoor instalation of the JA-111SH shock/ tilt  detector and thermometers JA-111TH and JA-151TH..

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JA-110Z-B bus terminal module

The JA-110Z-B is designed to allow the connecting together of JA-100 bus lines. It can be installed in a JA-190PL box...

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JA-111I Universal LED indicator RGB 12V

Indicates activations of a section or output activations  by multi-colored LEDs (red, green, blue and yellow). Optical indication of status. The colour of indication can be determined by con..

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