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Thermo Regulators

Looking for temperature data loggers in NZ?

Then Pacific GSM is just the supplier you need. We supply temperature data loggers to NZ clients and to customers across the globe. These devices are designed to automatically monitor and record the temperature in rooms or containers. The possible applications are seemingly endless and the devices are often used in the hospitality, food, medical or transport industries.

A GSM temperature data logger can alert you in case excessive temperatures where reached and they can keep track of how long certain temperatures where maintained, how often excessive temperatures were reached and the average temperature during a cycle.

If the temperature in a room is too high or too low, your data logger will send you an SMS alert, notifying you almost instantly of a change. You can also set it to send a control message at a certain time and date, or simply check it anytime you want, remotely, using your mobile phone. You will know immediately if the main power has been cut, allowing you to rectify the issues as soon as possible. Some devices can have up to sixty phone numbers allocated, sending alerts out to all of them.

At Pacific GSM we stock a range of high quality temperature monitoring thermostats and sensors, so you can customise your system to your specific requirements.

Do you want to know more about our range of GSM temperature data loggers? Then get in touch with the Pacific GSM team now. We are always happy to answer any queries you may have.

JA-111TH Bus temperature detector

The JA-111TH BUS temperature detector serves for temperature measurement and forwarding measured data to the free Jablotron Web Self Service (Cloud).   The free Jablotron Web Self Service..

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TP-82N Wireless Thermostat

  The TP-82N thermostat can set and measure room temperatures. Temperature adjustment is done by turning its lockable knob. Has antifreeze protection and is for OASiS alarm systems or UC and ..

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TP-83N Wireless ProgrammableThermostat

  TP-83N is a wireless programmable indoor thermostat with a weekly heating schedule. It can regulate the economical or comfort temperature inside residential buildings. It offers a ..

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TS-2 Temperature sensor 2m for DIN-3 and PGM-1

  Temperature sensor Dallas for GSM-DIN3 and PGM-1 Watertight metal housing 2m lead Temperature range - 50 ° C to + 99 ° C.  ..

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TS-5 Temperature sensor 5m for DIN-3, PGM1 and PGM2 communicators

  Temperature sensor for GSM-DIN3, PGM-1 and PGM2 communicators Watertight metal housing 5m lead Temperature range - 50 ° C to + 99 ° C...

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Wireless Frost Alarm with free smart phone application

Jablotron 3G/4G wireless frost alarm with remote access via web or app. from Apple or Android devices Fully programmed unit with two wireless temperature sensors, Vodafone SIM card with $10 credi..

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JA-151TH Wireless temperature sensor

  The JA-151TH Wireless temperature sensor measure temperature and forwarding measured data to the My Jablotron (free Web Self Service) application accessible from phone or web.   ..

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