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Wireless Relay Kit with Remote Key Fob 230V 16A

Wireless Relay Kit with Remote Key Fob 230V 16A

  • Brand::Jablotron
  • Product Code: AC-160-C-KIT
  • Availability: In Stock


Rated supply voltage100-230 V, 50-60 Hz
Internal power consumption at 230V AC (min / max)0.2 W / 0.7 W
Operating frequency868.1 MHz, Jablotron protocol
Contact load capacity – protection class IIMax. switched voltage 250 V AC
Resistance load (cosφ=1) max. 16 A
Inductive, capacitive load (cosφ=0.4) max. 8 A
Halogen lighting max. 1000 W 
Minimum switched DC power 0.5 W
Diameter of connected conductorsmax. 2 x 1.5 mm2 ; max. 1 x 2.5 mm2
Ingress protection classIP20
Dimensions49 x 49 x 26 mm
Operating temperature range-10 °C to + 40 °C, RH 75% non-condensing
In conformity withETSI EN 300 220-1, EN 50130-4, EN 55022, EN 60950-1
Operating conditions

ERC REC 70-03


Compatible with: FW of the JA-11xR module LR6x613+
FW of the control panel LJ(MD)60416+
F-Link 1.4.0+
Power – 1x lithium battery type CR 2032 (3.0 V/0.2 Ah)
(Power supply C type according to EN 50131-6)
Current consumption:
- Nominal consumption 1,1 μA
- Maximal consumption 33 mA
Low battery voltage detection ≤ 2.2 V
Typical battery lifetime approx. 2 years (10 activations/day)
Communication frequency 868.1 MHz, JABLOTRON protocol
Maximum radiofrequency output (ERP) 1.2 mW
RF range approx. 100 m (line of sight)
Dimensions 63 x 36 x 15 mm
Weight without the battery 32 g
Classification Security grade 2/Environmental class II
(According to EN 50131-10)
Environmental Indoor general
Operational temperature range -10 °C to +40 °C
Average humidity 75 % RH, non-condensing
Number of unique production codes >1 Million
Certification body Trezor Test s.r.o. (no. 3025)
Additionaly in compliance with ETSI EN 300 220-1,-2, EN 50130-4, EN 50130-4, EN 550, EN 62368-1, EN 50581, EN 50131-1, EN 50131-3, EN 50131-5-3, EN 50131-6
Can be operated according to ERC REC 70-03

Multi function wireless relay kit for wide range of application thanks to compact relay size and programing options.

Kit contain one wireless module powered from main 230V AC with switching relay NO 250V AC 16A and one two button key fob remote.

The kit is preprogrammed for the most common function, right button will switch relay ON or OFF and the left button will switch the relay for 3s pulse, these setting can be change with easy programing options for different mode if need it.

In to the relay module can be enrolled up to 64 remotes or wireless motion, door, smoke, heat, detectors.

each button can have different mode function

The operational modes for key fob remote are:

  1. Switch on/ switch off
  2. Impulse
  3. Change status
  4. Always switches off
  5. block

The operational modes for detectors are:

  1. Copy extended
  2. Impulse
  3. Change status
  4. Always switches off
  5. block

The common timer options are:

  1. 3s
  2. 1 min
  3. 3 min
  4. 15 min
  5. 30 min

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