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12V DC 1A Regulated NZ/AU Plugpack Power Adaptor

12V DC 1A Regulated NZ/AU..

Compact regulated switchmode plugpack power adaptor input 100-240V AC NZ/AU plug, output 12V DC 1A EU,US,UK plug available ..
AN-05 GSM Signal Strenght Boost Antenna +4dB

AN-05 GSM Signal Strenght..

GSM rod boost antenna with magnetic base Increase GSM signal up to 30% 900/1800MHz +4dB Magnetic base, Length 37 cm, Cable 3m, SMA connector   ..
CU-07A  Vehicle GPS Tracking Unit

CU-07A Vehicle GPS Track..

All hardware in one compact body includes GSM antenna, compatible with  12V or 24V vehicles with easy installation. No contract or extra fee with Jablotron tracker CU-07A  just pay for da..
CU-08 GPS Tracking

CU-08 GPS Tracking

The CU-08 GPS tracking unit continuously monitor position via GPS and send it via a GSM network to a free data-collection server My Jablotron cloud where you can see position in real time on m..
CU-08RF RFID reader for GPS tracking user assignment

CU-08RF RFID reader for G..

The CU-08RF RFID reader is an accessory of the CU-08 GSP tracking, It is used for the RFID identification of drivers and recoreded in to log book in My Jablotron cloud. Is a great solution ..
JA-100K Control panel with LAN communicator

JA-100K Control panel wit..

The required settings and sizing of the system are programmed through the F-Link software.The JA-100K control panel offers:up to 32 wireless or bus devicesup to 32 user codesup to 4 sectionsup to 4 pr..
JA-103K Control panel with LAN communicator

JA-103K Control panel wit..

The JA-103K control panel offers:up to 50 wireless or bus devicesup to 50 user codesup to 8 sectionsup to 32 programmable PG outputs20 mutually independent calendar eventsSMS and voice reports from th..
JB-EXT-TH-R Wireless Outdoor thermometer

JB-EXT-TH-R Wireless Outd..

The JB-EXT-TH-R thermometer is designed for control panels of the JABLOTRON 100 system. It measures the temperature and sending measure data to control panel and then to cloud. External temperature pr..
JB-TS-PT1000 Universal temperature sensor type PT1000

JB-TS-PT1000 Universal te..

Temperature sensor with a cable for the temperature measurement of gaseous, liquid and solid substances in the range of -50 °C to +200 °C.It can be used as an external temperature sensor for the produ..
SD-282ST Combined Smoke and Heat Detector

SD-282ST Combined Smoke a..

  The SD-282ST is used to detect fire hazards in the interior of residential or commercial buildings. The detector indicates fire hazards using the built-in LED indicator and alarm out..
GD-04K  GSM Communicator

GD-04K GSM Communicator

The new Generation of GD-04K is a universal GSM dialer and controller with application for Apple and Android devices. The GD-04 communicator can be programmed using programming SMS messages, o..
GSM Gate/door opener via call for 100 users

GSM Gate/door opener via ..

GSM Gate opener Kit based on GD-04K GSM controller  finds particular application in the open garage doors, entrance gates and unlocking systems or machinery from mobile phone simple just diall..
JA-101K Control panel with built-in GSM/GPRS communicator

JA-101K Control panel wit..

The JA-101K control panel offers flexible setting and allows easy protection for small premises, bigger family houses, offi ces and companies. The desired settings and the size of the system is pro..
GBS-210 Glass Break Detector "VIVO"

GBS-210 Glass Break Detec..

  The GBS-210 glass-break detector detects the breaking of glass windows. A dual technology detection method (air pressure and sound analysis) is used. It responds to the breaking of all g..
GS-133 Gas Detector

GS-133 Gas Detector

  The GS-133 detects all mixtures of air and combustible gas (Natural Gas, Methane, Propane, Butane, Acetylene, GPL etc). The detector detects two levels of gas concentration. 12V DC ..
GT-93 Crash Sensor

GT-93 Crash Sensor

  Can be connected to disconnect power from the fuel pump when the car have accident or in to GSM Communicator for transmit information about the vehicle accident via call by phone or SMS ..
JA-101K-LAN Control panel with built-in GSM/GPRS/LAN communicator

JA-101K-LAN Control panel..

The JA-101K-LAN control panel offers flexible setting and allows easy configuration for any application via USB or remotely by F-link SW. The JA-100K-LAN is a perfect control panel for any alarm, a..
JA-106K Control panel with built-in GSM/GPRS/ LAN communicator

JA-106K Control panel wit..

  The JA-106K offers up to 120 wireless or BUS hardwired zones up to 300 user codes up to 15 sections up to 32 programmable outputs 20 independent calendars the syste..
JA-110C Bus photo verification camera

JA-110C Bus photo verific..

Photo verification camera is used to take photos of a guarded area and to send them to the JABLOTRON 100 security system control panel.   JA-110C BUS camera taking a photo is eith..
JA-110N Bus power output module PG

JA-110N Bus power output ..

The JA-110N power output module PG offers a switching relay (16 A) with NO or NC modes The corresponding PG output copied is set by DIP switch (one of the PG outputs PG 1 - 32) ..
JA-110P Bus PIR motion detector

JA-110P Bus PIR motion de..

The JA-110P is a bus PIR motion detector designed to protect interiors by infrared motion detection in the room . The characteristics of detection can be optimized by using interchangeable lenses. ..
JA-111A RB Bus External Siren

JA-111A RB Bus External S..

The JA-111A RB bus external siren is designed to sound alarms and to signal activation and deactivation of PG outputs in the system. The siren is powered and communicate by the bus.The outdoor siren h..
JA-111ST Bus combined smoke and temperature detector

JA-111ST Bus combined smo..

  The JA-110ST bus fire detector (optical and temperature detection) detects fire in residential and commercial buildings . Allows you to set detection: optical and thermal, optical or the..
JA-111TH Bus temperature detector

JA-111TH Bus temperature ..

The JA-111TH BUS temperature detector serves for temperature measurement and forwarding measured data to the free Jablotron Web Self Service (Cloud).   The free Jablotron Web Self Serv..
JA-113E Bus Access Module with keypad and RFID

JA-113E Bus Access Module..

The A-113E is an access control module with a keypad and an RFID card reader to control a system. Contains one operating segment and, if needed, can be equipped with up to 20 JA-192E control segme..
JA-116H Bus expander – 16 inputs

JA-116H Bus expander – ..

Bus expander is used for powering and connecting up to 16 detectors with contact outputs or as a 16 digital inputs. It is possible to install the module straight into the JA-106K control panel. ..
JA-120PC Bus PIR Motion Detector with Camera

JA-120PC Bus PIR Motion D..

The JA-120PC is a bus-powered PIR movement detector with a color camera which takes color images of up to 640 x 480 pixels definition.The detector detects movement with visual alarm confirmation. ..
JA-190PL Multipurpose installation box

JA-190PL Multipurpose ins..

  JA-190PL multipurpse installation box for JA-100 modules. ..
JI-111C HD IP indoor/outdoor dome camera

JI-111C HD IP indoor/outd..

Video verification camera JI-111C provide the user and alarm monitoring company a visual confirmation of the alarm reason and also live view from any device. All events is automatically recorded and s..
LD-12 Flood Detector

LD-12 Flood Detector

  The detector is a water flood indicator for boats, rooms (e.g. cellars, bathrooms) or high level water (waste) tank  indicator.  This information is sent to an alarm system fo..
RB-524-DIN Universal Relay coil 5 to 24VDC

RB-524-DIN Universal Rela..

Designed for installation in electrical switchboards on a DIN rail. Switching up to 250V / 16A. Galvanically separated switching contact of an output relay which complies with the requirements ..
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