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GT-93 Crash Sensor

  Can be connected to disconnect power from the fuel pump when the car have accident or in to GSM Communicator for transmit information about the vehicle accident via call by phone or SMS or ..

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SP-12V Solar Power Kit for GSM communicators

Everything for the solar powered application with our GSM communicators     1x Photovoltaic panel   20W       1x Solar controller 12V Mo..

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SPR-12 Single Pole Relay, 12-24V DC Coil

  Single pole (SPCO) relay board. Single input, single switched output with NO and NC contacts available on screw connector. Coil is 12VDC, 400R. Contact rating DC: 3.0A, 28V (min 10mA, 5..

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F-1 Biometric Fingerprint Access Project Kit

  Practical electronics construction of the biometric fingerprint access system, 12v safe system DIY. Imagine the uses! Circuit diagram included. No prior knowledge of electronic nee..

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CT1 Multifunction Timer 12 or 24V DC

The CT1 Series Multifunction Control Timer has 13 different operating modes and 4 timing ranges,3 trigger modes and heavy duty 5A relay output. 12V to 24V DC operation 13 operating modes: ..

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UR-01 Universal programmable switching relay

You must have this relay in your tool bag as it allows you to solve a great number of tasks.Eight selectable modes to solve any switching task User friendlyTimer optionSwitching of 230 V AC/16 AS..

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JA-111I Universal LED indicator RGB 12V

Indicates activations of a section or output activations  by multi-colored LEDs (red, green, blue and yellow). Optical indication of status. The colour of indication can be determined by con..

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