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Heating & Cooling

GSM Communicator GSM-DIN3 230V 2 relays 5A

GSM-DIN3 230V controller and communicator. So any electrical circuit can be quickly and easily switched or monitored through GSM network via SMS commands. Through GSM-DIN3 communicator can ..

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TP-82N Wireless Thermostat

  The TP-82N thermostat can set and measure room temperatures. Temperature adjustment is done by turning its lockable knob. Has antifreeze protection and is for OASiS alarm systems or UC and ..

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GSM/GPRS Wireless Temperature monitoring with free cloud service and application

Jablotron GSM/GPRS wireless temperature monitoring with free unlimited temperature history, remote access via web or application from Apple or Android devices Fully programmed unit include 2Degre..

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