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JA-110P Bus PIR motion detector

JA-110P Bus PIR motion detector

  • Brand: Jablotron
  • Product Code: JA-110P
  • Availability: Only Trade Customers
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The JA-110P is a bus PIR motion detector designed to protect interiors by infrared motion detection in the room . The characteristics of detection can be optimized by using interchangeable lenses.

Lenses are available for monitoring long corridors or for avoiding alarm triggering by moving pets or having a vertical curtain function

  • JS-7904 - corridor
  • JS-7910 - pet
  • JS-7902 - curtain

    The degree of resistance to false alarms can be adjusted to two levels.

    The detector is addressable and occupies one position in the alarm system.

    SMART MEMORY indictaion (SMI) provides a visual (LED) verification of detector triggering. SMI is reset via the keypad.

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