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JA-150WM-DIN Wireless module for the impulse output of an water meter

JA-150WM-DIN Wireless module for the impulse output of an water meter

  • Brand: Jablotron
  • Product Code: JA-150WM-DIN
  • Availability: In Stock
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The JA-150WM-DIN module is designed to display water meter readings, which is available for customers via the MyJablotron Web Self-Service.

Remote water consumption on your smart phone, tablet or PC with free SMS or email notification of exceeding your set hourly,daily or monthly consumption limits

The module contains a radio transmitter designed for the wireless transfer of information from the water meter via the control panel to the MyJablotron portal. The impulse converter is directly supplied from the mains. The converter is designed for connection to a standard impulse output of an water meter. It can distinguish two rates. It also has an independent input that can be used e.g. to monitor opening of the water meter cover.

Each Meter can be named separately and generate own graph of consumption.

If you set the price per liter or m3 the graph will show dollar cost ( daily, weekly, monthly, yearly)


Up to 50 JA-150WM-DIN can be connected in to JA-101KR or JA-101KR-LAN control panel

Up to 120 JA-150WM-DIN can be connected in to JA-106KR-LAN control panel

Wireless distance from control panel is up to 300m


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