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JA-101KR-LAN Control panel with built-in GSM/GPRS/LAN communicators and radio module

JA-101KR-LAN Control panel with built-in GSM/GPRS/LAN communicators and radio module

  • Brand: Jablotron
  • Product Code: JA-101KR-LAN
  • Availability: Only Trade Customers
This product is a component of the JABLOTRON 100 system. Price and manual visible only for authorised installers and distributors
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The JA-101KR-LAN is the main element of the JABLOTRON 100 security system. It enables flexible system setting and the easy protection of small commercial premises, houses, cottages, offices in a bus design and wireless combined design.


The programming of the system  done via F-Link software USB or remotely

The JA-101KR-LAN control panel offers:

  • up to 50 wireless or bus zones
  • up to 50 user codes
  • up to 8 sections
  • up to 16 programmable PG outputs
  • 20 independent schedules
  • SMS and voice reports from the system to up to 8 users
  • Remote control via SMS, voice menu and the MyJablotron portal
  • 4 adjustable ARCs
  • 5 selectable ARC profiles

The control panel has built-in GSM/GPRS and LAN communicators that enable voice, SMS, GPRS and LAN communication with end users and ARCs. It is equipped with a 4 GB memory card for saving the data of events, voice messages, saving photos etc.

The control panel has:

  • 1 terminal for bus connection
  • 1 internal connector dedicated to the radio module (JA-110R)
  • 1 LAN connector
  • 1 USB connector for control panel setting via F-link software
  • 1 connector for connecting another communicator or module (e.g. PSTN)

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