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PGM1-E GSM Alarm Module

PGM1-E GSM Alarm Module

  • Brand::Pacific GSM
  • Product Code: PGM1-E
  • Availability: In Stock

Pacific GSM company expanded its range of miniature GSM communication module, which is available in an plastic enclosure version - that is designed to be built into other devices.

Through PGM1-E GSM module can be remotely controlled such as lighting, pumps, garage doors and gates or reboot servers.

May indicate a malfunction Alarms or loss of liquid in tanks, emergency conditions, or simply using a suitable sensor to watch object or temperature limits with thermostat function.


All easily through standard mobile phone.


PGM1-E GSM module is a fully pre-programmed, for most common function ( alarm report ), you just call the unit SIM number from phone which you want to contact if a PGM1-E input connected to GND, PGM1-E will send you confirmation SMS with saved number and that is all. If the PGM1-E input will connect to a GND the stored number will receive SMS "Alarm Activated". If you need custom setting we can pre-program for you before shipping or can be done simple via SMS command.



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