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JA-101K Control panel with built-in GSM/GPRS communicator

JA-101K Control panel with built-in GSM/GPRS communicator

  • Brand::Jablotron
  • Product Code: JA-101K
  • Availability: In Stock

The JA-101K control panel offers flexible setting and allows easy protection for small premises, bigger family houses, offi ces and companies. The desired settings and the size of the system is programmed by F-link SW.

The JA-101K offers:

  • up to 50 wireless or BUS hardwired zones
  • up to 50 user codes
  • up to 6 sections
  • up to 8 programmable outputs
  • 20 independent calendars
  • system reports to 8 users by SMS
  • 8 users have option of voice and SMS reporting
  • 5 ARC settings
  • 4 selectable reports to ARC

It has a built-in GSM/GPRS communicator on the board offering communication by voice, SMS or GPRS to end users or to ARC centers. It is equiped with a 1 GB memory card on the board for saving event reports, a voice menu and messages, the storage of pictures and more.

The main control unit includes terminals:

  • 1x BUS terminal
  • 1x terminal for built-in radio module (JA-110R)

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