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BAT-12V-7Ah 12V sealed lead acid battery

BAT-12V-7Ah 12V sealed lead acid battery

  • Brand: Other
  • Product Code: BAT-12-7 Battery 12V 7Ah
  • Availability: In Stock
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Voltage 12 V
capacity 7Ah
dimensions 150 × 60 × 95 mm
height including connectors 67 mm
connectors slip connector

weight 2.2 kg
maximum continuous current 0.75 A
maximum discharge current 5 s 40 A
continuous charging voltage 13.5 – 13.8 V
cyclic charging voltage 14.4 – 15.0 V

Sealed lead acid rechargeable battery 12V 7Ah for all purpose UPS, Emergency light, Alarm  battery back-up and Security System

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