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EYE-02 GSM Security Monitoring Camera

EYE-02 GSM Security Monitoring Camera

  • Brand::Jablocom
  • Product Code: EYE-02
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The GSM camera EYE-02 is a smart stand-alone "intelligent" monitoring, security and automation tool communicating via GSM network same as your mobile phone.

EYE-02  uses advanced technology and 7 types of detectors to recognize movements, sounds, vibrations, breaking of glass or opening of doors in the protected area. When triggered the camera records video, sends it to the cloud and informs you by call, text message, multimedia message or e-mail

EYE-02 Detectors

    PIR                             reflects temperature change
    Motion in picture    reflect changes in movement
    Glass-break             notices specific sound of glass - breaking
    Tilt and position      recognizes changes in camera's position and tilt
    Acoustic noise       microphone notices sound above definite level
    Presure                    recognizes changes in room pressure (opening door window)


A wide range of external detectors and devices can be enrolled to the camera to expand EYE-02 to a full feature professional alarm system or monitoring and automation tool including custom naming facility all detectors and devices. Camera communicate with wireless detectors and devices from Jablotron Oasis system

Basic Features

- Event reports through SMS, MMS, e-mail, voice call

- On-demand as well as scheduled monitoring

- Periodical reporting

- Automatic timers

- Immediate access to the watched area anytime anywhere through web

- Water resistant for outdoor usage

- Night view

- AC/DC power supply include back-up battery

- Five basic profiles pre-set HOME, OUTDOOR, GARAGE, SHOP, CARE

- Up to 43 different reports Fully Supervised

- Up to 10 users numbers can be connected with GSM camera

- Up to 12 different language

JabloTool web free connection to the EYE-02 GSM camera not only allow you to see the watched area, but give you full On-line camera management include change modes, profiles, settings,contact and much more wherever you are.


View your camera live
With EYE-02 you can also watch the scene live. Use portal to see what is currently happening at home

Control your EYE-02 remotely
Easily control your EYE-02 using our application for smart phones, working on iPhones, Android and Windows based phones. By far, the best way to keep in touch when away from home. Text message commands, a voice menu, remote controls, and even a web browser can also control it.

JabloTool cloud information here

 Package includes:

    Remote control
    Power supply
    Power cable extension
    Dowels and screws
    USB cable
    Warning stickers



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