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Power Supplies

12V DC 1A Regulated NZ/AU Plugpack Power Adaptor

Compact regulated switchmode plugpack power adaptor input 100-240V AC NZ/AU plug, output 12V DC 1A EU,US,UK plug available..

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EYE-SP Solar Power Kit

Everything for the solar powered application with EYE-02 GSM Camera     1x Mono-crystalline panel  12V 60W       1x Solar controller 12V Morn..

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Solar panel pole mount side bracket

Single arm pole mount bracket for solar panels PV.Pole side frame can hold 2x20/30W panels or 1x 40/60w panelThe single arm pole mounting with adjustable angle settings support installation in wide ra..

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DE06-12 Power supply 12V / 0.5A

  This switch-mode power supply is designed for powering a wireless keypad, and also for powering other 12V DC devices like GSM communicators or UC receivers. The compact dimensions of th..

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