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JA-82SH Wireless Shock and Tilt detector

JA-82SH Wireless Shock and Tilt detector

  • Brand::Jablotron
  • Product Code: JA-82SH
  • Availability: EU Warehouse

Detects shock and tilt on doors, windows etc. caused by an intruders attempts to force, smash, drill, or saw through. Has easy installation and uses digital signal processing. Features a memory of previous shocks.

The detector is a component of the JABLOTRON ALARMS Oasis security system. It has two selectable operation modes. The mode for the detection of shocks / vibrations of doors, windows, etc. can be used to indicate attempts to breach these by force.

The tilt detection mode can be used to indicate unwanted tampering with the object to which the detector is firmly fixed. This may be used for safes, artworks etc.

The detector uses a semiconductor tri-axial accelerometer with digital output. Its signal processing guarantees a high immunity against false alarms.

The detector communicates wirelessly using Oasis protocol and it is battery powered.

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